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Well the $100.00 is not manditory it is if you do not have a credit card.  I had to invest $100.00 into a secured VISA card to complete the jobs I was being.  Its cool once you know what is expected of you.  Anyway I just want to help any way I can so pass it on to someone who could use it.  That would make it worth telling....If someone can use it to dig there way out of where they are.


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You are one of the lucky ones. Usually if they ask for money they are bogus and you don't make any money. There are many people out there that could use your information. I don't need it but I am always getting advertisements to work online and from the research I have done most of them are bogus. Best of luck to you

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Good for you. I agree totally and I think you have taken the most important step in your life. Don't look back only go forward. Good Luck to you

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